A World Tour of True BASIC for Windows Programming


An easy-to-read introduction to programming with True BASIC that covers everything you need to know about programming for Windows. A common-sense book written in a friendly style by an expert, and laced with pearls of wisdom, experience, and good advice. The latest editor (v6.007) is featured, but the general concepts, statements, functions, and code examples (over 150) continue to work with earlier Windows versions of True BASIC (5 and 6). The book also includes several library modules of useful routines. If it is not in this book then it is probably not worth knowing. This is a "must have" companion for anyone using the True BASIC language system.

Chapters cover:

  • Getting started
  • The True BASIC editor
  • Learning the basics: Numbers, strings, partial strings, & arrays
  • Operators
  • Input & output
  • Decsions & logic flow control
  • Finding and correcting errors
  • Procedures, functions, subroutines, & statements
  • Matrices
  • File handling
  • Error handling
  • Graphics
  • Sound & speech
  • Creating controls & objects

Includes dozens of application studies and worked examples.

Download the supplemental files referenced in the book for free on the Downloads page.

Also available from Amazon.com in Kindle format.

Price: $29.00