True BASIC Bronze v.6 Demo for Windows


Platforms: Windows XP, Vista (32 and 64-bit), 7, 8, 8.1, 10

A perfect introduction to the language and to programming in general, in just minutes you can create working programs. Write your source code in the Editor window, choose RUN, and immediately see the results of your source code in the integrated output window.

New features with Version 6:

  • Enhanced menus, toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts
  • CHAIN to any executable program without leaving the editor – even Windows programs like Word and Excel.
  • Customize and extend your Help files
  • ColorText automatically color-codes text to classify code as you type – use the default color scheme or create your own!
  • New breakpoint and block commenting features
  • Improved window management and drag-and-drop mechanics
  • Customizable display pages
  • New auto-save and auto-backup options
  • Hot-start feature restores the editor to the same condition it was in when last shut down – including open windows and cursor positions.
  • … and more!

Download the FREE demo and try it out today!

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