Site Licensing

Around the world, thousands of schools, colleges, corporations, and laboratories use True BASIC. While scientists and professionals choose True BASIC for its simplicity and power, schools choose True BASIC because it allows students to write a program and instantly see the results. With True BASIC there is no need for long introductory sessions before students can actually write their first working programs.

Teachers tell us they use True BASIC because:
  • True BASIC is simple to understand and use.
  • It helps them teach the foundational principles of logic.
  • It is full-functioned, powerful, and can be used to create sophisticated projects.
  • It gives students a solid programming foundation to build on.

Unlimited Site Licenses start at only $495 and can be customized for any installation.

Please use the Contact page and ask for Site License Info for more information.

Already using True BASIC? Be sure to check out Let's Program It and the DiscoveryPak for more instruction and great sample programs. Currently used by hundreds of schools and colleges around the world to supplement their curricula. Quantity pricing is available.