BTree Toolkit


A collection of additional subroutines for working with BTrees - previously available only with Gold Edition. Includes all subroutines and source code and documentation in PDF format.

The B-Tree library provides you with a ready-to-use B-tree data structure which you can incorporate into your True BASIC programs through simple calls to the library. You can use these routines for any application that requires the storage and retrieval of data, including spreadsheets, databases, filing systems, and a host of other possibilities.

We also include True BASIC source code for these routines. You can use this code to learn more about the implementation of B-tree structures or modify it to more closely suit your specific needs. The program entitled Compact.tru is a useful utility for the maintenance of library data files.

The files supplied are:

  • BTreeLib.trc - the compiled library code
  • BTreeLib.tru - the library source code
  • BTManage.tru - sample data base manager
  • Compact.tru - file maintenance utility
  • BT_NewDb.tru - creates a new database called NameAdPh.
  • BT_Add.tru - adds new data to the database.
  • BT_AddCh.tru - adds or changes data in the database.
  • BT_Chng.tru - changes data already in the database.
  • BT_Del.tru - removes data from the database.
  • BT_Keys.tru - displays the key of each entry in the database.
  • BT_Find1.tru - display selected keys contained in the database.
  • BT_Find2.tru - display selected keys contained in the database.
  • BT_Find3.tru - display selected keys contained in the database.
  • BT_Tutor.tru - B-tree tutorial in text form.

Download the PDF documentation for a detailed list of functions and subroutines.

Price: $15.00

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