True BASIC Silver v5.5


Platforms: Mac OS 9; Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, 2003/XP, Vista (32- and 64-bit), 7, & 8

With all the functions and features of Bronze edition, Silver also includes 1,400+ pre-written subroutines, libraries of cross-platform interface building statements and TBilt, an interface building utility.

The Silver Edition, with its wealth of pre-written subroutines, enables you to quickly create custom programs and deploy them over multiple operating systems, royalty-free, either in compiled or bound form.

We also supply free WebBASIC Readers which can become part of any user's browser or desktop. Send or post your compiled True BASIC file and any user who has downloaded the Reader can run your program just as if they had True BASIC installed on their computers.

Comes with 640-pp manual, Basic and Fortran to True BASIC converters, and the TBilt interface building utility. Single license use versions of True BASIC are included for both MacOS and Windows on the Silver edition CD.

Price: $45.00

Physical backup copies are available for licensed users. Click here to add a separate Backup copy on CD or Backup on USB flash drive. Note: backup copies do not constitute a separate user license.