6.007 does not find tbedcompile.exe although it is in the TrueBASIC SILVER v6 folder among the Program files

I just installed TB Silver 6.007 in Windows 10. It opens a program file if I click the TB icon, but when I try to run it, it complains that it does not find tbedcompile.exe. The file is present in proper place with the other Tb stuff. What's wrong?
Plz help..
Folke Stenman


I believe TrueBASIC has

I believe TrueBASIC has serious problems when being installed in a directory with spaces in it :(

That the current installer apparently defaults to the "Program Files" directory, does not help there, does it...

So, try installing in a directory like C:\TB. I'd be careful with long directory names.

Unfortunately the core implementation of the language is now really getting old.