Using a Printer for a hard copy of a program output.

How can I use a printer for printing a hard copy of a version 6 Silver software program output.i.e to draw a graph etc.


printing a hard copy


Normally when a TB program runs, a drop down MENU appears in the upper left of the screen in which "PRINT" is an option. This will send whatever is visible on the output screen to your printer. This has always been the case, but I don't know what happens in Version 6 which has a new editor. I have all versions up to Version 5.5b19.

Also in this menu is "COPY" which will capture the output screen and you can then paste it somewhere and print or save it.

If there are no options to "PRINT" or "COPY" offered by version 6, then that is a failing of version 6. If these options are not provided, you may have to take a screen shot of the output screen by some other means and save it or paste it to some other software which will accept the screen capture and let you print/save it.

For instance, pressing the "PrtScn" (Print Screen) key on your keyboard will send the TB screen to the clipboard, and you can then paste it using Ctrl+V into something like OpenOffice Writer or MS Word, etc., and deal with the screen capture from there.

Saving successive captures in such a document can be useful if you need to save several outputs and review them all later. Or perhaps if you were writing some sort of paper and needed to use the outputs as figures, etc.

Another option would be to use a screen capture software, such as the freeware MWSnap which is a good one, and which doesn't need to be "installed" on your computer. This software allows you to print the output screen (or portions of it) directly, or save it as a jpg, png, tif, gif, or bmp image file. (and there are a lot of other options). I use this MWSnap method frequently when I want to save a single TB output screen as an image without printing it immediately.

Hope this helps.

Mike C.