output page

I need to copy from the TB Bronze output page and paste onto a word doc.
But when is output page is on the screen, it disappears when I press any key.
Please advise.


copying text from the output page

Hello Len2983,

I assume your output is some form of data in text form, as opposed to graphics.

The manual shows that program output is shown on a pop-up; and no option is offered other than to click or press any key, either of which will terminate the program. There is no way to "copy" the output.

For copying text output, the simplest thing might be to use:

CALL clipboard("PUT","TEXT",u$)

where u$ is the text to be dealt with.

This CALL places u$ onto the system clipboard, then at that time you may switch to your word doc window (or anywhere else) and just paste u$ using CTRL+V.

If there are several items of text, they can be strung together with CHR$(13)&CHR$(10) [= crlf] and when pasted, they will appear as separate lines of text.

Here is an example program:
option nolet

! program out put:
a$="first item of text output: "
c$="1 2 3 4 5"


Line1$= a$ & b$ &eol$
Line2$=c$ &eol$
Line3$=d$ &", "& e$ &", "& f$ &eol$

AllLines$=line1$ & line2$ & line3$

CALL clipboard("PUT","TEXT", AllLines$)

set cursor 4,1
print, "The output is now on the system clipboard. Paste it wherever you want,"
print, "then Press any key to continue/end"
get key zz


When pasted into your word doc, you should see:

first item of text output: 43.563
1 2 3 4 5
Jones, John, 555-888-9999

Hope this helps

Mike C.