Free & Demos

The following tools and documents are available for free download:
Demos & Utilities
True BASIC Bronze Edition v.6 Demo Download
Test the newest True BASIC by downloading the v6.007 demo (Windows only, XP thru 10).
True BASIC Bronze Edition v.5.5 Demo Download
Try Bronze Edition v.5.5 free.
Textbooks Supplemental Files Download
Sample programs to accompany TB textbooks such as "Let's Program It... in True BASIC," or for general exploration.
Fortran to True BASIC Converter Download
Convert Fortran programs to True BASIC.
BASIC to True BASIC Converter Windows | Macintosh
A utility to help translate your vintage Basic files to True BASIC. For simple programs, the translation may be 100%. For more complicated programs, you will probably have to make slight modifications here and there. Documentation included.
Web BASIC Reader Windows | Macintosh
Runs True BASIC App files that can be downloaded from the Web.
Color Box Windows | Macintosh
Library to display a color selection box. Colors can be selected by clicking on the desired color.
DLL Package Download
Set of DLL files required by some True BASIC programs.
World Tour of True BASIC - Supplemental Files Download
Sample programs and data to accompany John Arscott's new book, "A World Tour of True BASIC for Programming Windows," available here.
Software Updates
True BASIC 6.007 Updater Download
Automatic updater for users of v6.001-006 - includes updated documentation for changes to the Editor.
FORMS 6.006 Update Download
Automatic updater for users of FORMS v6.001-005.
True BASIC Manuals
True BASIC 6 Bronze Edition Manual Download
Bronze Edition manual in PDF Format - updated for v6.007.
True BASIC 6 Silver Edition Manual Download
Silver Edition manual in PDF Format - updated for v6.007.
True BASIC 6 Gold Edition Manual Download
Gold Edition manual in PDF Format - updated for v6.007.
Other True BASIC Documentation & Reference
Updated CHAIN Function Documentation Download
This update details the operation of the CHAIN function - replaces earlier documentation.
List of True BASIC Commands Download
A listing of True BASIC statements and functions found in ALL editions of the programming language.
Set the Font in the Output Window Download
This short memo shows how to set the font, and its size and style, in the default output window. Included is a complete program for doing the job. All you have to do is to "select" the program with the mouse, "copy" it, and then "paste" it into your True BASIC editing window.
Change the End Of Lines in Text Files Download
This memo includes a program that can change the end-of-lines in text files. Especially handy when porting your source code from Windows to the Mac, or vice versa. To use the program, "select" it in the memo with the mouse, "copy" it, and then "paste" into your True BASIC editing window. You will have to do some editing to get rid of folded lines, etc.
True BASIC is the Ideal First Step Download
Questions and answers as to why True BASIC remains the best first step for anyone who wants to become a skilled programmer. Also contains a list of "10 Reasons Why True BASIC is Your Best Choice". (Thomas E. Kurtz, 7pp, General)
Leaving GOTO Behind Download
How to switch from using line-numbered BASIC programs and move forward to structured programming. It is much easier than you might imagine. (Thomas E. Kurtz, 5pp, Easy)
PRINT USING Procedures Download
Chapter 30 from the True BASIC Reference Manual describing how you can format numbers, floating characters, strings, and multiple fields in True BASIC programs. (Reference)
Images Show Concepts Download
A picture is still worth pages of descriptions. This clever program links the power of the RND (random) function with an evolvoing, animated pictorial (a grape vine). The vine is different each time you run the program. Gives you valuable insights on proven graphics and animation techniques. (John R. Arscott, 14pp, Easy)
Object Oriented Programming in True BASIC Download
Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a hot topic just now. Learn how you can achieve most of the benefits of OOP through the proper use of True BASIC Modules. Learn how True BASIC compares with other languages, and how it maintains its unique advantages. (Thomas E. Kurtz, 5pp, Easy)
Creating Object Classes in True BASIC Download
Modules in True BASIC are powerful tools that are overlooked by too many programmers. True BASIC modules provide the encapsulation of data together with the subroutines that use that data. (Thomas E. Kurtz, 8pp, Technical)
Sending Postscript files to a Printer Download
The True BASIC Gold edition allows you to journal True BASIC graphics to a Postscript file for high-quality otuput. This article tells you about freely-available and useful tools that can help you work with these files. (Christopher L. Sweeney, 3pp, Technical)
Converting MS BASIC Random files Download
MS Basic and True BASIC take different approaches in accessing random access files. This article explains the differences and the steps to successful file conversion. (Thomas E. Kurtz, 6pp, Technical)
Creating TrueApps and Using the WebBASIC Reader Download
This note shows how to create downloadable compiled programs that can then be automatically executed by the WebBASIC Reader. Preparation includes downloading the Reader, and preparing the browser to match the program with the Reader. (4pp, Technical)
Using BIND on a Mac Download
Instructions on the steps used to BIND programs using the MacOS Standard Edition [#07-MAC] of True BASIC.
Secret Internals Download
While True BASIC has few undocumented features, here are a few items that are useful "shortcut" to help you as you develop your programs. (Christopher L. Sweeney, 3pp, Expert)