The New True BASIC 6 - Now Available

The long-awaited Version 6 has arrived!

True BASIC 6 offers the following features in all editions:

  • New tools for printing code and output
  • Expanded Undo/Redo and Auto Line Numbering functions
  • New text features such as Pen Color, text highlighting, enhanced selection and deletion
  • Enhanced menus, toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts
  • CHAIN to any executable program without leaving the editor – even Windows programs like Word and Excel.
  • Customize and extend your Help files
  • ColorText automatically color-codes text to classify code as you type – use the default color scheme or create your own!
  • New breakpoint and block commenting features
  • Improved window management and drag-and-drop mechanics
  • Customizable display pages
  • New auto-save and auto-backup options
  • Hot-start feature restores the editor to the same condition it was in when last shut down – including open windows and cursor positions.
Feature Comparison
All Statements & Functions
Language Converters
Additional Libraries
BIND Utility
Toolkits Optional Selected Libraries Only
Source Code
FORMS Interface Builder Optional Optional
Licenses 1 1 3
Price (download) $39.00 $199.00 $499.00
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