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Nobody looks at the forum anymore?

Apparently, no one bothers to check the forum any more because there appears to be no traffic, unless you log in.

Those with no account, e.g., new viewers, may not be able to log in, and will see only very old post dates.

Those who have just procured TB and have questions, will click on what they expect to be "support", only to find this forum. Again, the very old post dates which are there will give the impression that the forum is dead, and then maybe they won't ever come back again.

Consequently, after a long period of this situation, I believe that NO ONE bothers to check this forum anymore because it DOES appear to be dead.

Right now there is a query in this Admin section asking for help with a very fundamental operation; clearly a "newbie" who wants help. I posted an offer to help about two weeks ago; and no reply yet. Did he solve it himself, or just not bother to come back?

And no other new traffic appears anywhere on the forum. Has EVERYONE given up??

I should think that this is not the optimum way for a forum to operate.

Mike C.

forum guidelines

I am a newbie to TrueBasic and have many questions and I do check back here. I was wondering are there any posted guidelines for involvement in the forum? I don't mind being moderated but I would like to know some guidelines for using the forum

Looking for DTSS Emulator information

Hi all, this is my first post. I registered because I am looking for someone or somewhere where I can ask a question regarding the DTSS Emulator BASIC language put together by a group of people including Tom Kurtz.

To make a short story long, I am part of a computer vintage club that holds a Fest every year (link at bottom of comment). To celebrate BASIC's 50th anniversary in 2014 we are holding a programming contest. Only two rules: Must be in BASIC and must run in the DTSS emulator.

After doing some tests I have some questions about the DTSS, but have no idea who can help me. If at all possible, I would greatly appreciate any orientation regarding this. Thank you for your time.

I should note that the DTSS Emulator was written in True Basic, hence my question at this site.

Link: CoCoFEST 2015

Unclear wording

"May be moderated" is quite different from "will be blocked."

"If you find you are not permitted to post" is quite different from "You will find that you will be blocked until you post here or ..."

The accurate wording is used only at the end of the end of this message: "comments are not blocked here".

Reading a .txt file

I want to read the contents of a text file. There are 7 columns of data NOT separated by commas. I want to read the integer data from the 1st and 3rd thru 7th columns into a matrix.
1. where do I put the .txt file? At the end of the program?
2. do I use the READ in a loop or some other way?
Any help is greatly appreciated. I am using an old version of Gold.

Reading a .txt file

Hi, kellenraid

I presume you mean that each line of text contains a row of 7 columns of data, but that these data elements are not comma delimited? What are they separated by, a space or spaces?

In any case, your questions will require far more space to answer than would be appropriate here. If you e-mail me and send an example of one of your text file lines, and explain exactly what you need to do with the data elements after you get them out of the text file, I will be glad to try to get an answer for you. You can also send your code listing if you want. Also what version of what True Basic do you have? (type VER in the command window and it will tell you.)

Use "Reading a Text File" as the e-mail subject.

Mike C.
mcckyc -at- crosslink - dot - net