6.006 update available

The 6.006 update is now available for download here. This tool updates an existing installation of v6.x to 6.006.

Here is the list of additions and fixes in this update:

(1) Problems with getting HP printers to work appear to be cured by binding the TBeditor with version 5.5b19. However this introduces other known bugs. The printer routines have therfore been extracted from the TBeditor and a stand alone program called PRINTEX.EXE (bound with version 5.5b19) now handles all printing activity. This leaves the TBeditor to be bound with version 5.31, which avoids the known bugs in 5.5b19. When users select either PRINT or LISTING from the FILE menu, this will now be handled by chaining to PRINTEX.EXE.

(2) OPENING a duplicate copy of an existing file caused the TBeditor problems because there were two elements in the filename array with the same name. This has now been resolved by adding an (x) to the duplicate filename.

(3) The RENAME feature did not always work properly, and sometimes left a file with the name *FREE. This has now been cured.

(4) At start-up, if a filename in the "hotstart" file list no longer exists, then the editor would signal a fault and would fail to start correctly. This has now been cured. The user is warned that the target file cannot be found. The editor then ignores the missing file and continues normally.

(5) The FIND window and REPLACE windows were previously the same. This caused numerous problems. These have now been resolved by making them separate windows.

(6) The line numbers in error reports following RUN or COMPILE were sometimes misaligned, particularly when the error line occurs after the END statement. This fault has now been cured.

(7) If the user holds down any key, then the key character will be repeated. When the user releases the key, the repeated character sometimes continues because SYS_EVENT still has characters in the queue. The problem has been traced to an internal routine called TXED_KEYPRESS. This is a large routine that processes all keystrokes and currently adds a significant time delay while each keystroke is processed. It is this time delay that causes SYS_EVENT to queue unprocessed keystrokes. It is intended to reduce this time delay to a minimum, but it means a radical change to the routine. This work has not yet been completed.

(8) The version 5.6xx TBeditor uses the text edit control generated by the CTX library. Internally, the CTX module numbers characters on a line starting at 1. Historically the TBeditor and TrueCTRL both number characters on a line starting at zero. There are several instances where the TBeditor did not compensate properly for this difference. This has now been resolved.

(9) The UNDO TYPING feature appears to work correctly, provided the typing has not changed lines. However, the UNDO feature did not always re-position the cursor correctly.

(10) The emergency STOP button that stops a running program had to be cancelled if a program ran correctly. This has now been changed. If the user wishes to stop a running program then a simple mouse click on the STOP icon on the toolbar will produce the dialog box containing the stop button. If programs run and terminate normally then the STOP dialog box is no longer displayed.

(11) The LOAD feature that was available in versions up to 5.5xx has now been restored. LOAD can now be used on the command line or in a SCRIPT file. Similarly the FORGET command has also been restored. This command clears any libraries that have been loaded.

(12) SCRIPT files were a feature of versions up to 5.5xx. This feature has now been restored in version 5.6xx. Be aware that the only commands recognized in SCRIPT files are: LOAD and ALIAS. Note that the old STARTUP.TRU file can now be used in version 5.6xx but is restricted to the LOAD and ALIAS commands. All other commands are ignored by the editor when reading SCRIPT files.

(13) The ALIAS feature is already availabe in version 5.6xx under the SETTINGS menu. Aliases created this way are permanent aliases, i.e. the editor remembers the list of aliases when you shut down, and re=creates them when you re-start. A new feature is now available that allows you to create temporary aliases, i.e. the editor forgets them when it shuts down. Temporary aliases are created on the command line, e.g. ALIAS {myfolder}myfilename. Temporary aliases can also be created with a SCRIPT file.