Problem Compiling With TB Gold

I'm trying to compile a library that compiles OK in Silver and I get this message:

Usage error. D:\Program Files\NewTBgold\TBSystem.exe [-{i|c|b}] file [i-mode arg

I have no printed docs for the newest version of Gold. What's happening here?

SUB draw_axes(xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax)
LET ntick = 10 ! number of tick marks
! distance between tick marks on x-axis
LET dx = (xmax - xmin)/ntick
! distance between tick marks on y-axis
LET dy = (ymax - ymin)/ntick
! include margin
SET WINDOW xmin - dx,xmax + dx,ymin - dy,ymax + dy
LET x0 = max(0,xmin)
LET y0 = max(0,ymin)
IF ymin*ymax < 0 then
LET y0 = 0
LET y0 = ymin
PLOT LINES: xmin,y0;xmax,y0 ! horizontal axis
PLOT LINES: x0,ymin;x0,ymax ! vertical axis
LET tx = 0.1*dy ! size of tick mark
LET ty = 0.1*dx
FOR itick = 0 to ntick
LET x = xmin + itick*dx
PLOT LINES: x,y0 - tx; x,y0 + tx ! draw ticks on x axis
LET y = ymin + itick*dy
PLOT LINES: x0 - ty,y; x0 + ty,y ! draw ticks on y axis
NEXT itick

SUB compute_aspect_ratio(r,x,y)
LET m = 0.1*r ! margin
LET size = r + m
! px, py: # pixels in horizonal and vertical direction
IF px > py then
LET aspect_ratio = px/py
LET x = aspect_ratio*size
LET y = size
LET aspect_ratio = py/px
LET x = size
LET y = aspect_ratio*size


Hi Tom, The way the new

Hi Tom,

The way the new editor works is to submit a copy of your program to the compiler within TBsystem.exe (not inside the editor itself). To do this, the editor sends certain command arguments to TBsystem.exe such as compile, run or bind. This what has caused the error message. It would seem the command parameters for some reason don't meet the required format.

I will check this out to determine what it is that TBsystem doesn't like.

Big John


Hi Tom,

OK, problem resolved. There are two versions of TBsystem in the beta package - one belongs to TB5.31 and the other belongs to TB5.5b19. For some reason the command arguments for compiling are not the same. I tried your program with the 5.31 version and it compiled successfully. I tried compiling several other source files with 5.5b19 and they all gave the same message as you got. I will make a small change to the editor so that it can tell which version of TBsystem is being used.

Big John


Hi Tom,

I have cleared up the compile problem with a command line that works for both versions of TBsystem.exe. The new editor now runs, compiles and binds with either version of TBsystem.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Big John

Compile Fix Available?

So can we get the fix?