PRIVATE statement doesn't work as expected in 5.605 (or 5.42 either, for that matter)

I'm adding a module to a very large program (> 5000 lines), and I wanted to make some of the variables PRIVATE to that module. Two problems: apparently one can't declare a matrix PRIVATE (as one can in a SHARE statement) -- trying to do so generates an error message when I try to BIND the program. The second problem: when I declare an ordinary variable PRIVATE in the module header, I can't use it in a subroutine within the module -- this also generates an error message ("can't use this statement here").


PRIVATE statement


The PRIVATE statement can only be used for functions, sub-routines and picture routines. It cannot be used for variables or matrices - hence the error message - statement cannot be used here.

You should probably be using the LOCAL statement which essentially makes variables, arrays etc "private" in relation to the routine containing the LOCAL statement.

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Private statement

Thanks for clarifying this.

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