Need Help importing images

Hey, Im im 8th grade, and i need help figuring out how to import images into True Basic Bronze. Can anyone help?


what does jpeg stand for.

Hello df017959

Call read_image("jpeg",-----,-------) ! for a jpeg. what does jpeg for. Is this a sub program

"jpeg" or "JPEG" stands for one type of image file format. A "jpeg" image file will have the extention ".jpg" attached onto the file name; such as "image-file-name.jpg"

There are many many types of image files; .jpg, .bmp, .png, .gif, .tif ... , but True Basic is capable of dealing with only the first two of these; .JPG and .BMP.

Most images on the internet are usually "jpeg"s,".gif"s, or ".png"s.

The "CALL Read_Image(xxx$, yyy$, zzz$)" is a True Basic statement which CALLs a built-in SUBroutine READ_IMAGE(xxx$, yyy$, zzz$), wherein you put in the arguments as follows:

"xxx$" must be either "JPEG" or "MS BMP", depending upon the image file type you're trying to load. Say your image file name was MyPicture.jpg.

Then zzz$ would become "MyPicture.jpg" (add a path to the file if needed.)

In order to display the image, True Basic converts the image file MyPicture.jpg into a "boxsrting" format for which you must supply a name; such as "MyPicture$", or "x123$", or just about anything.

So yyy$ would become the name "MyPicture$" or whatever you chose to name the "boxstring".

Thus the complete CALL would look like:

CALL read_image("jpeg", MyPicture$, "path\MyPicture.jpg")

True Basic is case-insensitive, so caps or lower case letters are seen as the same.

I recommend downloading either the TB Silver or Gold pdf manual from the "Downloads" page. These have explanations for everything True Basic is capable of.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Mike C.


its just there, its calling ur image, not a subprogram.

Yo YO Devaughn

what you need to put in is:

CALL Read_Image("ms bmp",money$,"yourfilename.bmp")
! finds your image and defines it
Call read_image("jpeg",-----,-------) ! for a jpeg
set window 0,200,0,200
! set your window (i dont think u need to though)

BOX SHOW money$ at x,y
! x is the point on the x-axis where ur image is and y is the y-axis, put numbers in there. toy around until u find a good placement.

hope this helps.

-also, if u have a skeleton, can u email it to me.

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help adding picture

i didn't get Call read_image("jpeg",-----,-------) ! for a jpeg. what does jpeg for. Is this a sub program


Okay, thanks
but do i need a subprogram for the CALL statement, or is that just there?

Re: CALL_Read_Image ...

devaughn95 ... the subject statement is a built-in subroutine in TB Bronze, Silver and Gold. Regards ... Tom M