LISCURV2.TRU harmonigraph using plot_lissajous() and counted loops to control phase

The following code uses LISSFUNC.TRU from my previous post. This code uses counted loops to control the phase angle for multiple Lissajous curves (system of parametric equations utilizing the sin function) showing that cyclic functions deriving from the unit circle actually map across a harmonic square area; something of beauty and relaxing to watch. As in my previous post a timer_delay() function has been used to slow the plot accounting for the hypnotic seduction of gazing at harmonic graphics.

! LISCURV2.TRU Lissajous Lab
! Mark H. Harris
! Jan 18, 2019
LIBRARY "lissfunc.tru"

SET MODE "color256"
LET pastel_yellow = 5
SET WINDOW -2.2, 2.2, -1.2, 1.2
SET COLOR pastel_yellow
SET BACK pastel_yellow
LET xlate_right = 1.07
LET xlate_left = - 1.07

CALL output_pause(-2.15, 1.12, "Resize window if desired, then press ESC to start.", "BLUE")

FOR n = 1.57 to 2.6 step .1
CALL plot_lissajous(290, 3, 2, n, xlate_right, "BLUE", 1)

FOR n = 1.6 to 7.8 step .1
CALL plot_lissajous(90, 1, 1, n, xlate_left, "MAGENTA", 1)

CALL output_pause(-2.15, -1.14, "Press ESC to exit graphics.", "BLUE")