Email outage

We've just learned that a problem with our email system has caused certain messages sent to the email account to be either returned as undeliverable or not delivered (with no notice to the sender). This problem is now being worked on, and we expect it the system to be back to normal functioning soon. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. To reach us in the meantime, please use the standard site contact form:

Thanks for your patience.


What's wrong with Forum

The forum has not had the dates updated in ages. Is the forum defunct?
Have there been no posts at all for months?

Forum posts

Thanks for your message. There was some effect on post dates after a server upgrade a few months ago, but this has been resolved, and recent posts seem to be posting as expected with the correct dates. The forum is still active, though only lightly - generally a good thing.

Glad to Hear

Happy to hear TB still up and running. I check almost every day. The low response to Poll disappoints me. TB is too good not to be very popular.