FORMS Visual Interface Builder

Tap into the power of direct object control with the FORMS visual interface builder. For the first time, working with the full range of True BASIC's powerful object design routines is as easy as drag-and-drop.

Now you can easily create sophisticated objects using built-in TB graphics, not Windows, so you have complete control over color and fonts. This gives access to a greatly increased range of dialog boxes, including a color and font selector.

FORMS does not require you to know anything about TrueCTRL or TrueCTX. Select and customize objects from a toolbar while FORMS automatically writes the code. When you're done, the auto-generated code goes right into your True BASIC program. You don’t have to know about event handling and you don’t have to know about units or coordinates.

Download the documentation for more information.

Purchase FORMS with Silver and Gold Edition, or as a separate add on to your existing Silver installation.